Cincinnati, OH


Xzela is a musician residing in Cincinnati who grew up in the small town of Bethel, Ohio. She has always had an ear for music, although she first entered the arts world via photography, drawing, and painting.

Around age 20, she began to write her own songs and finally created the relationship with music that she had been craving for so long. This started off with solo acoustic performances, but as time passed and more songs were written, she expanded herself musically and now seems to float amongst different genres.

In October of 2016 she released her debut project, Monster, a 7-track mixtape that blends acoustic singer-songwriter tones with hip-hop and R&B.

Since then, she has released four more bodies of work. Two of the most well-recieved projects are Celestialove with Cincinnati’s own Devin Burgess and SadLibs with Luna Bruja. Both of the albums beautifully demonstrate the cycle of love and its many different forms.


Xzela defies genre and dips her foot into many different styles of music. Her trials and tribulations are transcribed into feathered melodies that float across soundscapes with ease — Blending R&B with soulful urban flare, she keeps an intimate yet powerful demeanor both on and off the stage.

As well as writing and performing music, she also enjoyd engineering sound for other artists and playing both bass and guitar.

You can keep up with Xzela’s new releases and live performances by following her on the social media platforms using the links at the bottom of the page!


Monster- October 21, 2016
Celestialove- January 13, 2017 (with Devin Burgess)
Paint- April 1, 2017
SadLibs- November 24, 2017 (with Luna Bruja)
Crystalline- June 8, 2018